New short film - Portraits

Excited to be working with Andy Newman, an up-and-coming new direction in Ohio - 


Portrait will follow three innovative photographers and let you into their life, their process, and their craft.  Portrait aims to serve as a teaching tool for new and experienced photographers alike. I want to make this film because, simply put, there's nothing out there like it.  It will share invaluable knowledge and methods that took years to develop, while showing that creative direction and vision are even more important than gear.

Photographers to be featured include Nick Fancher from Columbus, Ohio, Andria Lindquist from Seattle, Washington, and Kim A. Thomas from San Francisco, California.  Other photographers to be interviewed include Peter Hurley, Brad Feinknopf, Christopher Lynch, The Ely Brothers, and Janine Renee.

Quick snap shot of sketch for opening credits: