Sandy Hook shooting

Being a father, I was struck deeply by the thought of losing your child while he's supposedly safe at school. This piece captures my sorrow and frustrations with the fact that this keeps happening.  I had this realization that gawking really did nothing for me, or for anyone else and that creating art was such a better response for me. 

Includes portions from Obama's speech and his reading of the victim's names. 

You can download this if you like from Soundcloud. Please share if you know of someone who would appreciate it.

New "equipment"

Gotta love the infusion of new toys (ahem......I mean new "equipment").  Although, I'm still struggling for how to integrate best with Logic.  Thanks Youtube for many tutorials - just need to find one that actually works when I try it...........


Busy month.........

Had a really busy October - but a great chance to work with some amazing directors.  

  1. Finished up a film with Uji Films - example up now under film score work here on this site ("Goodbye Summer").  Very somber and delicate piece.  Love the visuals in this short.
  2. The Artist and The Olympian - solo piano piece that was extremely challenging.  8 minutes of music, with no dialogue.  Finished our rough copy to submit to festivals.  Will be putting up some examples soon.
  3. K2 - on the film mix.  Screens at the Banff festival in early Nov. 
  4. Portrait - a film where Andy gave me tremendous artistic freedom, which was a real gift. 

New short film - Portraits

Excited to be working with Andy Newman, an up-and-coming new direction in Ohio - 


Portrait will follow three innovative photographers and let you into their life, their process, and their craft.  Portrait aims to serve as a teaching tool for new and experienced photographers alike. I want to make this film because, simply put, there's nothing out there like it.  It will share invaluable knowledge and methods that took years to develop, while showing that creative direction and vision are even more important than gear.

Photographers to be featured include Nick Fancher from Columbus, Ohio, Andria Lindquist from Seattle, Washington, and Kim A. Thomas from San Francisco, California.  Other photographers to be interviewed include Peter Hurley, Brad Feinknopf, Christopher Lynch, The Ely Brothers, and Janine Renee.

Quick snap shot of sketch for opening credits:

K2: Sirens of the Himalayas

Excited about a full-length documentary that I'm working on - K2: Sirens of the Himalayas (  I tell you, I'm a sucker for grand, serious shots.  That hits me right in my musical sweet spot.  

Here's a sneak peek at the sound/tone we're going after:

New short film - Artist & the Olympian

Working with a great director - Adam Scheiner (  He has a passion for film (the actual, physical film......not just the genre).  Going to be making a short film about the struggles of a painter and a weightlifter.  Adam's extremely passionate, and I'm really excited about the relationship of images and music that we're creating. 

There's going to be no dialogue at all, so the images and music need to carry the story.  Which is a welcome challenge and opportunity to really write something special.